Valmy Spireor FFP3 Respirator 100

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NHS APPROVED – VALMY SPIREOR FFP3 RESPIRATOR (pack of 100 individually wrapped masks).

£1.30 per mask

Valmy protective masks out perform market leader masks, the ‘Spireor’ brand has been developed to provide the best possible breathing performance with high level filtration.

Use for upto 8 hours then discard. Thanks to its highly technological characteristics, The Valmy Spireor emerges as the universal mask:

  • Protects the wearer from air transmitted solid and/or liquid particles
  • Protects the environment from all potentially infectious projections emanating from the wearer.

Appropriate respiratory protection equipment can only be chosen once an in-depth study has been carried out on the job in question and on the conditions for using the equipment, including an assessment of:

  • Oxygen content
  • Types of pollutant (gas, vapour, dust, etc.) and their concentration in the air
  • Pollutant toxicity (peak concentration values authorized).

A barrier and a protector against the risks of inhaling air-transmissible infectious agents such as dust, pollution, viruses, allergens, they mandatorily fall under one of the following 3 levels of protection:

FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 – Please refer to our guide on Respiratory Protection.

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How To Fit and Remove the Valmy Disposable Mask

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