Easy Thaw Ice Melt Granules 9kg


MARKEN EASY THAW ICE MELT GRANULES provide safe, fast and effective removal of snow and ice from pedestrian walkways and car parks during cold conditions.  Use also as a preventative measure.  NON corrosive to concrete, plastic or metals.


  • Marken Easy Thaw Ice Melt Granules provide a clean effective means to dissolve ice and snow rapidly from pedestrian areas and car parks.
  • Salt free and non corrosive to concrete, plastics or metals.
  • Much cleaner than salt and reduced carry through on to interior floors, avoiding marking and staining of floor coverings.
  • Granular form, for easy application and economical coverage.
  • Marken Easy Thaw Granules crush easily underfoot to reduce the risk of slipping.
Weight9.00000000 kg


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