5 Alternative Uses for Welding Wipes And How They Can Shorten Any Cleaning Task

Electrofusion welding is an industrial process that requires perfectly clean joints to be successful.

Such a demanding process and environment also requires fast and effective but simple cleaning equipment in the form of specially formulated and high strength alcohol wipes.

At Marken Chemicals, we’ve noticed a growing trend of customers buying and using welding wipes for applications very different from their original purpose that demonstrate just how versatile and handy this little known product can be.

1. Adhesive Label Application

In a similar way to needing a clean joint prior to welding, any adhesive works better when the surface is completely clean of oil, grease and dirt.

We’ve heard of our welding wipes being used for applications where better adhesion is needed from applying sticky labels to simply gluing two surfaces together.

Many of these tasks require a quick drying time and no residue, which is why welding wipes are so well suited.

2. Car Interior Preparation

Whether it’s car valeting or manufacture, we have customers who’ve used welding wipes for cleaning and preparing vehicles.

Again the cleaning power of these wipes is particularly valued for these tasks but the lack of residue is also important when dealing with the varying smooth surfaces found in car interiors.

3. Cleaning Machine Parts

Any fast moving parts need lubrication and with oil eventually comes grease and dirt. Cleaning these parts means down time of valuable machinery so fast cleaning is a must.

The high isopropyl alcohol content of electrofusion welding wipes is tough on oils, grease and grime which can be removed with less wiping and also results in rapid evaporation with no residues to interfere with lubricants.

4. Cleaning Vehicle Parts and Tools

Like machinery, vehicle parts attract grease, oil and dirt which can be hard and time consuming to clean.

Mechanics find welding wipes useful for cleaning the toughest grease and dirt deposits when stripping down vehicles for inspection and repair.

Again, a good job requires good preparation and where parts are close to or connected with electronics, the fast evaporation time and zero residues make cleaning these very different surfaces equally effective.

5. Removing Sealants

Builders, window fitters and plumbers regularly use sealants when installing or upgrading fittings into properties. Sealants can be messy and difficult to remove but the high alcohol concentrations found in welding wipes cuts through uncured sealants making fast removal and reapplication without having to wait for evaporation a real advantage of these heavy duty wipes.

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