Gum Removal

Professional Chewing Gum Removal Service throughout Sheffield and South Yorkshire, FREE DEMONSTRATION – We will show you how easily we can solve your gum problem. Chewing Gum Removed quickly from any surface, inside and outside throughout Sheffield, South Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

We can resolve your chewing gum problem quickly and safely. We will work hours to suit you and your business in order to ensure an absolute minimum inconvenience and disruption.

Chewing gum, and bubble gum is often irresponsibly discarded without a second thought to the problems it can cause to others and to the environment. We use a heavy duty industrial machine that  combines dry steam, vacuum and a safe chemical injection.  This essential combination breaks down the gum and the residue is extracted by an inbuilt vacuum to be safely and responsibly disposed of.  This method is highly effective on all surfaces.

Our Chewing Gum Removal Service is available  throughout Sheffield, South Yorkshire and surrounding areas.